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SPRING NorthEast Club Lacrosse League (NECLL) 2018
  • Competitive Club League to Supplement Town Recreation Programs
  • Playoffs to Finish the Season
  • 5 Saturday late afternoon double headers games 
  • Light Practice Schedule as to not interfere with town programs
  • 2 Home Weekends/3 Travel Weekends  
  • Compete against other clubs in New England 


*NECLL Rules

*NECLL Waiver

*NECLL Field Locations

All schedule information will be found on "Tourney Machine"
The great thing about this is all updates will be posted live directly on the website.




Below you will find the 2017 Season Schedules to give you an idea of what the 2018 Spring Schedule will look like. 

Practice - Evaluations/Placement Thursday, March 30th @ Sportsworld (4:30-6:00pm)    
Practice Sunday, April 2nd @ Sportsworld (6:00-7:30pm)    
Practice Thursday, April 6th @ Sportsworld (5:00-6:30pm)    
Game Series (BYE) Saturday, April 8th (NO GAMES)    
Game Series 1 Saturday, April 15th (AWAY - The Edge LF ) 3:00pm vs. Bullets Orange (T 8-8) 4:00pm vs. Houlagans (W 10-4)
Game Series 2 Saturday, April 22nd (AWAY- FSU GF) 3:30pm vs. Bullets Black (W 15-5) 4:30pm vs. Tomahawks Gold (L 10-6)
Practice Thursday, April 207th @ Sportsworld (4:30-6:00pm)    
UCONN GAME Saturday, April 29th - Teams Play at Half    
Game Series 3 Saturday, April 29th (HOME - East Longmeadow HS)

4:00pm vs. Tomahawks Gold
(L 9-8)

6:00pm vs. Bullets Orange
(L 9-5)
Practice Thursday, May 4th @ Sportsworld (5:00-6:30pm)    
Game Series 4 Saturday, May 6th (AWAY- The Edge LF) 3:00pm vs. Bullets Black (W 12-4) 4:00pm vs. Tomahawks 21/22 (W 11-4)
Game Series (BYE) Saturday, May 13th (NO GAMES)    
Practice Thursday, May 18th @ Sportsworld (5:00-6:30pm)    
Game Series 5 Saturday, May 20th (HOME-Springfield College F2) 3:00pm vs. Tomahawks Gold 5:00pm vs. Bullets Black
Practice for Playoffs Thursday, June 1st (TBD)    
PLAYOFFS Saturday, June 3rd (TBD) TBD TBD